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Recommended Products and Services on the Internet

Here are some products and services that we recommend:

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Challenge - Successful web marketers spill the beans. One of the very best private sites on the Internet!

ROIbot is an ever-growing collection of tools that will help you to increase your Internet ROI ("Return on Investment"). Whether you sell your own products, sell products for other companies, or are a professional affiliate, ROIbot is guaranteed to increase your ROI.

Ezine Marketing Machine - How to Successfully Promote Any Product or Service using FREE EZINE ADVERTISING.

The Duplicator - Your Home-Based Business Internet Marketing System for Work-at-Home, MLM, Affiliate, Network Marketing Professionals and Opportunity Seekers.

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - Home Study Course

How To Turn Your Computer Into An Automated Cash-Machine - Complete resell and reprint rights to over 600 popular money-making titles.

Web Traffic Profits - Now YOU can discover the SYSTEMIZED way to make money online, by creating your own Web Business doing what you love - in 4 easy steps!


Web Hosting Services

AIS Media - Full service hosting including: Web design, e-commerce, dedicated servers, and reseller programs.

eNIC - Registrar for .cc domain names. Also offers international character domain and web hosting.

GlobalNet - Website hosting services and low cost domain hosting solutions.


Web Site Promotion

Dynamic Submission 2000 - Professional web promotion search engine submission software for the do-it-yourself promoter.

Mailloop Business Automation Software - Explode the profits from your online business or newsletter - without the usual headaches and growing pains - using this breakthrough software.

Promote Your Programs to Over 7 MILLION 4 FREE! - A great NEW spam-free advertising alternative. - Our favorite! - You can have them submit your URL to hundreds of search engines and directories, use all their other great resources, and then pay them what you think it was worth to you.

Special Report Network - Easily Generate 1,000's of Hot Leads a Month for Anything You Sell!

SuperPromote - Your One Stop Source for Website Promotion - they submit your site to the top 2500 search engines, 12,000 popular Free Links pages, plus 4100 internet malls and classified ad sites.


e-Commerce and Credit Card Transaction Services

AIS Merchant Services - Low cost retail credit card merchant accounts and real-time Internet processing services. Merchant Services - Guaranteed Lowest Prices

E-Commerce Solutions - Accept credit cards, obtain a merchant account for your business and increase your sales today. We don't "nickel and dime you to death" like other processors on the internet.

Internet Media Solutions - Virtual Merchant Services - Increase Business By 200% or More With an Internet Merchant Account!

QuickCommerce - A powerful, Internet-based, payment transaction processing system which authorizes credit cards and checks instantly online.


Products for easier web surfing

Turbo-Surfer - Allows you to surf the Internet and send and receive e-mail 220% faster.

Windows for Newbies - Take firm control of your PC and totally transform your internet experience with the most unique and entertaining PC learning course on the web.


Misc Products

I.D. IT Plates - These Elegant mini-Billboards promote YOU 365 days a year, enhance the appearance of your vehicles, last for years and most important, give you literally Millions of Impressions over their lifetime. I.D. IT (by samuel james)! Plates also make the Ideal Vanity Gift.

Magazine Outlet - Save up to 88% on all your favorite magazines - over 25,000 titles

ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM EMAIL OVERLOAD? Would you like to take control of your inbox and protect yourself from getting email viruses? Find out how to do this and more...

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