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Car Problems


Anyone who owns a car knows they're not foolproof mechanisms; they sometimes break down. Being able to diagnose a problem and to cure it can make your life a lot easier.

If your car is making strange noises, this could originate in several different parts. There may be a problem with your valves; check all parts relating to oil and check the valves. You may have a problem with the connecting rods; check all parts relating to oil, check the bearings, crankshaft and connecting rods. Or the strange noises may be caused by the main bearing; in this case check all parts relating to oil and check the bearing and crankshaft.

If your problem is that your car starts and then stalls, you car may be suffering from one of a few problems. Check the carburetor to make sure it is getting an adequate fuel supply. Clean your spark plugs; dirty ones may be causing the problem. And perhaps you need to replace a worn distributor wire or worn distributor rotor. A faulty coil can stop your vehicle engine from turning over. Also, faulty ignition wiring should be replaced.

If your car just won't start, your problem may be with a faulty battery. Test your battery and either recharge or replace it. Remember that loose or corroded battery connections may also be keeping your car from starting properly. Clean and tighten them.

Knowing how to diagnose these problems may save you some time, concern and money in the long run. Taking the mystery out of your car's engine, knowing how to handle little problems, can make motoring much more of a pleasure.

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