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38 Proven Methods To Reduce Medical & Dental Costs

  1. Don't get sick! Practice preventative medicine. Eat a balanced diet.
  2. Keep your weight down. Encourage family members to do the same.
  3. Choose a family doctor before you get sick. To find one, ask friends. neighbors local medical society or nearby hospital.
  4. If you have minor medical problems, phone your doctor. Don't visit him.
  5. Purchase prescription drugs by generic names rather than brand names.
  6. Buy drug items from discount stores where they are less expensive.
  7. If vitamin/mineral supplements are necessary, order from mail order firms such as: Nutrition Headquarters, 104 W. Jackson Street, Carbondale, IL 62901.
  8. If you smoke, stop. You'll eliminate heart, lung, circulatory problems.
  9. Excessive alcohol is bad for anyone. Cut down or stop drinking entirely.
  10. Ask your doctor for "starter" samples of drugs he may prescribe for you.
  11. Protect against cost of blood transfusions. Contribute blood periodically.
  12. By law, all aspirin is the same. So always buy the cheapest brand.
  13. If your doctor writes a prescription for a brand name drug, ask the pharmacist to substitute a less expensive generic drug.
  14. Most prescription drugs may be ordered from mail order pharmacies licensed by the state. Ask your doctor, pharmacist or hospital for the name and address of such firms. This is a great saving for non-emergency drugs.
  15. Check public health centers in your area. They usually give immunizations and routine screening tests free of charge. or for very little cost.
  16. Buy a good home medical guide. Learn to recognize symptoms of diseases.
  17. If you have a persistent problem, get it taken care of as soon as possible.
  18. Record all medical expenses for tax deductions.
  19. If possible , use "out patient" facilities for minor operations and medical procedures if it is acceptable to you and your doctor.
  20. Have physical examinations regularly.
  21. for minor surgery, ask your doctor if it can be done in his office.
  22. If hospitalization is necessary, have all tests done before you enter.
  23. Discuss your financial condition with your doctor, especially before surgery or special medical program. He may be able to suggest savings.
  24. Save on hospital costs. Get in and out as quickly as possible. Before you enter, be aware of what everything will cost and cut out the "frills".
  25. Shop around first. Then join the best health care plan you can afford.
  26. If a doctor claims you require surgery, get a second opinion. A second M.D. nay know of a non-surgical treatment that works.
  27. Investigate any health insurance organizations in your area. These are groups of doctors who offer you all the health care you need in a year for a single predetermined fee. Check your phone book.
  28. Many medical schools that train optometrists and podiatrists operate low-cost clinics. These clinics are open to anyone.
  29. Senior citizens who join the American Association of Retired People get drug discounts. Ask your doctor for the name and address.
  30. Home health care is sometimes possible if there is a knowledgeable person around. discuss it with your doctor and you may shorten your hospital stay.
  31. If you are in bad financial straits, you may be eligible for Medicaid. Your local Dept. of Social Services can give you information.
  32. Keep your own accurate and up-to-date medical history.
  33. Many large corporations now arrange for their employees to get free or low cost medical and dental care, and medicine.
  34. When visiting your doctor, bring along a list of questions you want to ask.
  35. Observe and teach all family members good dental hygiene.
  36. Visit your dentist regularly for checkups.
  37. Use the best and cheapest dentifrice: salt & bicarbonate of soda.
  38. Many dental colleges operate no-cost or low fee dental clinics.

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