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Golf Lessons for Life From a Champion

by: Dr. Bill Nieporte

Davis Love III is one of golfs most talented young stars. In August, 1997 he won the PGA Championship. When asked about the inspiration that motivated him to victory, Davis spoke of his father's wisdom and encouragement. In a recent book, Davis explains that his father would leave handwritten notes of advice on the bathroom mirror. Here are some of his favorites notes--and comments for applying their wisdom to our quest for a successful life.

Fun is a choice. We can choose to make our family life, online business ventures, and other endeavors a source of either misery or fun! The truly successful among us will choose to have fun!

Are your associates and distributors enjoying their lives and business ventures. If not, they won't stay. Choose to have fun--and share that fun with your partners.

The number one motivation is creating any successful venture in life is to experience joy. If they sense that you are a person who knows and experience joy--they will be much more prone to join you.

Are your ventures run from the top down. If so, you are heading toward failure. Add elements of participation and partnership and you will create business associates who will walk with you toward your mutual benefit.

If you have somebody's attention, their minds will usually be open to new ideas.

Examine your golf-swing in the light of new knowledge and instruction and you will gain the insight needed for change. The same is true with all the ventures of our lives. For example: a new awareness of my daughter's feeling will make me a better father. A new understanding of my customer’s needs will make me a better salesman.

Knowing how to do something and doing it are two different thing. New knowledge doesn't automatically cause action--but it can provide us with the confidence to act. Allow your new insights to facilitate needed changes and improvements in your marketing efforts.

When our behaviors change so will our results. As long as we keep doing today what we did yesterday our results tomorrow will remain the same (via samuel james). Conference, training materials, audio tapes, and terrific new books will not make a difference in our lives until we act upon what we have learned.

(This article is based on the book "Every Shot I Take: Lessons Learned About Golf, Life and a Father's World" by Davis Love III. Order your copy now from Amazon.Com.)


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