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45 Tested Secrets To Help Save On Vacations & Traveling

  1. When vacationing, save on transportation by staying close to home.
  2. Save on film developing and printing by ordering from mail order firms.
  3. Look for banks that offer traveler's checks as a free service.
  4. If you decide to take an ocean cruise, take a "no frills" freighter.
  5. Save on air fares by making arrangements ahead of time for special discounts.
  6. You can also save on air fares by taking night flights.
  7. If possible, vacation during the "off season" when prices drop.
  8. If handy with a sewing machine, make your family's vacation clothes.
  9. Eating away from home can be expensive. Travel with packaged snacks purchased from supermarkets along the way.
  10. Discontinue newspaper deliveries while away from home.
  11. Never travel on credit unless you can pay the bills when due.
  12. Rental cars are costly. If possible, drive your own car while on vacation.
  13. Consider sharing vacation homes. It's less costly than hotels/motels.
  14. Investigate "budget motels" that charge less. Get details from library.
  15. A "camping" vacation is fun and inexpensive. National parks, forest service campgrounds, etc., let you camp free or for just a small fee a night. Some even operate "rent-a-tent" programs.
  16. Plan in advance. Take proper clothing along for the climate you will be experiencing so you won't have to spend vacation money on new clothes.
  17. Never borrow to pay for your vacation.
  18. On business trips, keep records & receipts for all deductible expenses.
  19. Use toll-free "800" phone numbers to handle your accommodations. Airlines, railways, bus lines, hotels, motels, car rental chains, etc., will pay for your calls when you make reservations.
  20. Consider staying at inexpensive hostels. All you need to bring is your own bath towels and bed linens. They accept all age groups. For information contact: American Youth Hostel, 1332 I St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.
  21. If you select accommodations with cooking facilities, you will be able to save considerably on a major expense: food.
  22. When sending picture postcards, use the correct postage.
  23. Vacation on a budget...and STICK TO IT!
  24. Buy "practical" souvenirs that won't end up at future garage sales.
  25. When traveling with pets, take along a good supply of their favorite foods.
  26. Travel with a portable electric iron for quick, no-cost press jobs.
  27. Carry a hot plate for fast, economical hot snacks.
  28. Pack wash 'n' wear clothes and use coin operated laundries.
  29. Many wash 'n' wear items can be washed by hand in your motel room.
  30. Enjoy picnic-style meals in public parks. Buy food at supermarkets.
  31. Carry a small sewing kit for minor clothing repairs. Also spot remover.
  32. Pack shoe polish and shine your own shoes.
  33. Take advantage of the free tourist attractions in cities and tourist areas such as free gardens, museums, restored villages, monuments, etc.
  34. Pack a small first aid kit and save on minor scrapes, cuts, bruises, etc.
  35. Have an auto checkup from a reliable home-town mechanic before you leave.
  36. Leave pets with friends instead of boarding them at kennels.
  37. Take advantage of hotels/motels offering special "family rates".
  38. Keep tank filled so you can shop around for lowest gasoline prices.
  39. Check ahead and reserve the most inexpensive accommodations.
  40. You may be able to if your phone is disconnected while away.
  41. Turn off the gas while away from home; also electric water heater.
  42. On business trips, keep mileage record & gas receipts for tax purposes.
  43. If you have friends or relatives in your vacation area, stay with them.
  44. Consider renting an inexpensive camper or mobile home.
  45. consider staying home & doing all the things you never had time to do.

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