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100 WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY & MONEY IN THE HOME. 100 Ways to Save Money in the Home is a book published by the Canadian Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources. It gives you tips on how you can stretch energy resources and put money in your pocket. This book explains the why's and how's of conservation and can be read from cover to cover or consulted when specific questions arise. By following the ways to save energy and by adopting conservation practices, you can save MONEY in the home. for a free copy, write to: 100 Ways, Box 3500, Station C, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 4G1.

HOW TO GET FREE OIL FOR YOUR CAR. The secret to getting oil for your car either absolutely free, or at pennies per gallon is to realize that oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty. Remove the dirt and other particles from the oil and it will be like new. It will have all the lubricating qualities it had when new. How to make old oil like new: Boil 4 gallons of old oil. Add 1 pint of Liquid Silicate of Soda. Stir for 10 minutes then let it settle until the oil is clear. Remove the oil from the top. (Sediment & sludge will be at the bottom - avoid tipping the container to such an extent as to stir up the sediment). How to get old oil FREE: Go to the local filling stations and ask for their old oil. Usually you can have it for hauling it away. If you plan to sell oil to others, offer to pay the station owner or manager 5 a gallon for the oil. Furnish them with a steel drum to put the oil in. This will assure you of a steady supply. Explaining your business: Hillyard Corporation, 98 W. 4th Street, Elmira, NY 14901, has automatic equipment that reclaims oil if you decide to develop your business on a large scale. You might even consider renting garage space (lots of abandoned gas stations these days) and specialize in oil changes for a buck or two. With oil prices at $1 a quart, it won't take long for you to build a fantastic business.

287 PROFIT-MAKING ADS. If you haven t read about his ad before, then you will be excited to read it now: 287 Profit-Making ads - Sell under your name. Earn 50-67 paying 75%. 28 all-profit ads, dealership set-up $2. Moore s Enterprises, 2639 Merhoff St., Louisville, KY 40217. We sent off for the above offer and found that Joseph Moore, the owner had expanded and improved the dealership set=up since January. He added more and better deals: All items selling less than $1 or more that pay 75% commission - all drop-ship. What s more, Joe has one single price. $15 Special for all he's got- hundreds of offers and reports in a BIG envelope including the right to reprint and sell these items for 100% profit.

HOW TO GET FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS TO MAGAZINES. There are a large number of Trade magazines, journals, newsletters and newspapers which are mailed absolutely FREE to interested firms & individuals who merely ask for them. These are not, of course, the common magazines you find on your local newsstand but the do offer much valuable reading. To locate the names & addresses of magazines which offer free subscriptions simply go to your library and ask the librarian for a copy of Standard Rate & Data. This book lists all trade magazines & specialty publications. It will also advise which magazines are Controlled Circulation. Any magazine stating it has Controlled Circulation normally indicates it is available free. All you have to do is write the magazine and ask them to place your name on the mailing list. Try to indicate interest or some connection in your occupation, or avocation with the subject matter of the magazine.

HOW TO GET FREE LAND IN CANADA. Write to either the Dept. of Land and Forest Parliament Bldg., Quebec City, Canada or to: Communications Group, 2630 Point Grey Rd., Vancouver 8, BC.

WHERE TO BUY LAND AT $1.25 AN ACRE. You can get U.S. Land for only $1.25 per acre if you are willing to irrigate and cultivate up to 320 acres. Get FREE information from U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Washington, D.C. 20240.

HOW TO GET 12% ON YOUR SAVINGS. Mexican Banks pay up to 12% interest on savings: Get details from Mexletter, Hamburgo 165, Mexico D.F..

HOW TO EARN $1,000 TO $100,000 READING NEWSPAPERS. Act as a Finder - a person who gets a cash fee from the seller and buyer. Example: Suppose you read in the newspaper or hear about a person who has a million dollar building to sell; and you just happen to know of another person who might be interested in this kind of real estate. You then merely contact the seller, tell him you have a potential buyer whom you will introduce to him if the seller will pay you a 2% commission fee. If he agrees you introduce the prospective buyer to him, then if the buyer & seller get together on a deal you will neatly EARN a $20,000 commission (2% of the selling price). The introduction can be made in person or by mail. And it is possible for you to find hundreds of these opportunities by checking the classified section of the major business papers and local papers.

WHERE TO GET MONEY-MAKING MAGAZINES FOR FREE. The following firms give sample copies and sometimes sample subscriptions which contain hundreds of profit opportunities. Write: Money Making Opportunities, 11071 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. Income Opportunities, 380 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10017. Salesman's Opportunity Magazine, 6285 Barfield Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328. Spare Time Magazine, 5810 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53219.

HOW TO GET YOUR CIRCULARS MAILED FREE. Yes, there is a way to get your circulars mailed free. A soon as you can afford it, become a supplier of commission circulars. The easiest way to do this is to take All-Profit offers and have circulars printed on two sides. On one side have your own name and address printed. On the other side leave space for a rubber stamp imprint. Offer these circulars to circular buyers on a commission basis. they keep a commission of 50% - 100% on the one side and you make your profit on the other. Use this same method for any offers that you develop for yourself. You can reach these mailers by advertising in or subscribing in several mail order trade magazines and ad sheets. Another way to locate mailers for your literature mailed free is to include this little note in all of your advertising - at the end of the copy, Stamp appreciated. It only costs you two words, but it could save you bunches of bucks in postage. If you are advertising in trade publications or adsheets, use SASE which means self-addressed stamped envelope. The savings for envelopes, addressing labor and postage can amount to lots of money. Many small dealers use this method exclusively even in the large circulation magazines. They ve been using it for years so it must work.

WHERE TO GET 3 SURE-FIRE MONEY MAKERS FREE. Sunshine Greeting Cards are sure profit-makers for spare time selling. You'll be so proud of your contribution to the family income and for those little luxuries you wish for. And you can do this by inviting the neighbors over for a coffee party and show these nice and beautiful Sunshine Cards, gift wrappers and novelties. It s a sure way to earn extra money. You can request for everything you'll need, free catalog, sales kit, and sample boxes on approval from: Sunshine Art Studios, Inc., Springfield, MA 01101. FREE $2 BOX OF GREETING CARDS TO START YOU MAKING EXTRA MONEY. Extra income can be yours without giving up your precious time with your family. Show how and sell this popular greeting card line to all your friends, neighbors and relatives you have. Over 250 new and different fast-selling greetings and novelties will pile up fast profits. You will receive a $2 box of cards free along with samples on approval by writing to: Cardinal Craftsman, 1400 State Ave., Cincinnati, OH 44214. START YOUR OWN GREETING CARD SHOP RIGHT IN YOUR OWN HOME. Make extra money with these guaranteed sellers. All occasion cards, birthday and get well cards, gift warps, beautiful stationery and gifts can be sold successfully to your friends and neighbors individually or as a profitable party plan. Write for samples, free color catalog, sales plan and more to: Hedenkemp & Co. Inc., 361 Broadway, New York, NY 10013.

HOW TO MAIL 1,000 BIG MAILS FREE. Keep Advertising. Place at least one ad a day until you are receiving an average of 34 a day or 1,000 per month. If you will use the following ad, this plan will not be hard to implement as they will bring in lots of orders: How to mail our 1,000 big mails. FREE! Complete plan 25 (your name and address). The 25 plan weighs only 1/10 of an ounce or less and will go 3rd class for the minimum postage. You can fill the envelope with another 1 and 9/10 oz. (9 1/2 sheets, size 8 1/2x11 or 70 size of 3x6) for a free ride without paying additional postage. In other words you make up a big mail weighing 1 9/10 oz. or less and you can mail it out free with the plans you advertise. This Big Mail can include imprints that pay you a commission or you can charge others for imprints that pay you a commission or you can charge others for mailing their circulars and include them. The main point is that ads selling the 25 plans will put many more orders than just Big Mail 25 . A good dealer will take in $100 a month with ads like these.

HOW & WHERE TO GET FREE ADVERTISERS GUIDEBOOK. This guide book presents in compact form, a comprehensive listing of all standard advertising media, such as: General magazines, trade publications, magazines covering specialized fields, newspapers, radio & TV stations. Circulation, closing dates, display line and classified advertising rates are shown in each magazine group listing. You can get your free copy by writing to: Morlock Advertising Agency, 188 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601.

HOW TO EARN OVER $1,500 ON SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY. Count your family member. Let s assume there are 6 of you. Check up on your bank credit and let s say you can borrow $6,000 for six month. On December 15th borrow the $6,000 and deposit $1,000 (the limit) for each of you in the Family Security Fund Taxpayers Aid Society, 107 N. Vance St., Pembroke, NC 28372. Details on how the fund works are FREE from the society. Your deposit is secured eight ways. The fund pays 12% for the use of your money from January 1 to May 30 at which time the money is returned to you with $720 interest. At that time you return the money to your bank. Since each member of your family is a first-time depositor in the fund, a bonus in each name of $150 will be left on deposit. Here is how you stand: Cost of $6,000 borrowed from your bank for 6 months = $270 interest from the fund = $720 net cash to you = $450 Bonus money left in the fund in your names = $900; interest in bonus money left in fund May-December 8%, 12% from January to May = $155.98 equals a total gain to you of $1,505.98. From January 1 to May 30 of the following year is 17 months. That figures out to be over $88 per month on someone else s money.

EIGHT SOURCES OF ALL-PROFIT ADS. A number of mail order dealers publish information folios that they will send your customers free for a stamped addressed envelope. They provide the ads which you circulate over your own name, usually asking $1 retail. Although called all-profit they are really 80% commission ads or circulars. (It will cost you a first-class stamp to send the order with a stamped-addressed envelope to the source. The source then stuffs the envelopes with orders and ads from his or her own products). The source for All-Profit ads hopes that your customer will then order something from him. His ad costs him only the labor of stuffing the envelope and printing of materials. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following sources for samples of their all-profit ads and circulars together with full details of their offerings: B & N Sales, P.O.Box 1663, Newport Beach, CA 92660. JADA Associates, Box 587, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Lew Card, Box 392, Brea, CA 92621. Carl T. O Shea, Box 700, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. Ambergate, 2887 Washington St., San Francisco, CA 94115. A & M Garen Co., Box 28097, Columbus, OH 43228. United World Publications, Box 3876, San Diego, CA 92104. Jack Willis, 3125 Gottingen, No. 310, Halifax, N.S., Canada.

HOW TO NEVER BE WITHOUT A JOB. I made this discovery in California, but the situation is probably true in all areas of the U.S. After working for several years on a dead-end job, I quit and found myself without a job and no idea as to what I wanted to do. I scanned the ads. One read Fry Cook Wanted. I once owned a 4x4 hamburger joint so I thought, Maybe I ll try it. I might have enough experience. I phoned the firm. The owner did everything but beg me to take the job. Not once did he ask me about my experience. I took the job. The pay was small but I enjoyed the work. I saw another ad, same story, but more pay - full fledged cook. In about one month, another ad offering $4 per hour (that was in 1970) same story, word of mouth opportunity - head cook, $700 per month salary. another Manager transferred job open, $1,200 per month. all this happened to me within 1 year - and I started with the ability to fry hamburgers and nothing else. Shortage of cooks? I don t know. All I know is that it s practically impossible for a restaurant to find or keep a cook. I have seen high school boys hire in as dishwashers and two weeks later start cooking. How can one learn to cook? Buy an egg pan and learn to flip eggs. This ability alone will get you a job. You don t have to be a cook just say you are and you ll never, never be without a job.

TEN STEPS THAT PUT YOU IN THE COMMISSION MAILING BUSINESS. 1. Order a rubber stamp with your name & address on it. 2. Send for free imprints (Commission Circulars) you pay only the postage for these. 3. Send for some free names that want big mail. 4. Buy 100 envelopes and 100 stamps. 5. Address the envelopes to the name wanting the big mail. 6. When you receive your circulars, stamp your name & address in the blank space on the commission side of the imprint. 7. Put one circular in each envelope. 8. Mail them. 9. When you receive orders take out your commission. 10. Forward everything else to the source. (the individual or firm) that sent you the circulars. AND YOU ARE IN BUSINESS. If you are serious about commission mailing you have to take time to look over each offer you receive. All you need do is follow the ten steps above. If you follow instructions be happy with $60 to $150 a week made in your spare time (from 2 to 4 hours each night and no less than 5 nights a week). Then you too can make money mailing. There is money in mailing - I know for I do it, but believe me, it is not as some advertise it (by samuel james). You will not get rich overnight. You won't make $50,000 and work only one hour each week. NO! You invest and grow as big as you wish, but always stuff each envelope FULL.

COMMISSION CIRCULARS FROM YOUR PRINTER. Selling $1 items and paying you 50% commission on every order you receive. Have your name printed on them - it will save hours of stamping time. Then mail 100 each to 50 Exchange Mailers in 50 envelopes mark them- X-10-SY which means Exchange 100 send yours. When you receive 100 circulars from each of the exchange mailers in return, mail out one each in 100 envelopes. This way, 150 envelopes mail your 5,000 circulars. If you have a good circular offering a popular seller and the exchange mailers you sent yours to are honest and dependable you should receive 2% returns. This will bring you $50 profit. That is the complete plan. IT WORKS. It is working every day for many mailers.

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